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"(You Thought You Were) The Seven In Six Six Six" CD

The kraut vs. math rock exploration taken even further. The sound is way more full and aggressive. The songs are more to-the-point. Noisy chord work meets catchy harmonies on the guitars. Tripped out riffs that aren't 5 mins long to prove it. And not least more twisted drumming. The album is released by the infamous Danish underground label Helicopter Records.

Released September 2006

Track list:

1) Please My Pony Porridge > MP3
2) Mellow Mole
3) Friendly Fridge > MP3
4) Very Wurst > MP3
5) Double Duh
6) Inhaling Whale
7) Disconnected Dandruff Kissers Canoe
8) Vitamin Vortex
9) The 101 Hamsters Of Halleluja
10) Hairy Dentists Dive Free
11) From Stop Motion To Stab
Motion > MP3

"Floorless Elevator" MP3 single - DELETED!

The entire track for the "folk kan godt li' noise, de ved det bare ikke" sound art exhibition. It's a 30 mins mammoth in 3 sections and ranges in style from progressive hip hop over ambient to rock and nutty cut ups. A real journey to the outer plains, so buckle up and sit tight! This track was also presented at "Sound Art Festival 2004" at Overgaden/Copenhagen.

Released April 2004

Track list:

1) Floorless Elevator (The Slower Trains / Lucky Sevens / Foxy Fevers)

"Fuck Electronica?!" CD-R

Soviet Subliminal Seduction truely sports the wildest rock sounds generated by software, and will bend your mind with twisted yet catchy guitar melodies, massive bass lines and skewed funky drums.
Soundwise think Circle meets Hella meets the highlights of Amphetamine Reptile Records-type mid 90ies noise rock. Compositionwise mix it up with 60ies psyche pop and 70ies kraut rock. You know that it's not quite like that, but it's the easiest way to explain it!
Soviet Subliminal Seduction is more than ever "a one-man rock band with no instruments and nothing to loose". Two and a half months after releasing "Test Drive II", and after only one month and a day in the making, the new release "Fuck Electronica?!" hits the streets. Soviet Subliminal Seduction is now boasting an enhanced new sound with virtual guitar, and thus giving a huge creativity boost to this effort. Dig it.

Released March 2004
Track list:

1) Impotennis > MP3
2) Honey Jar Tempo Dilemma
3) Sweden Is The Same Difference > MP3
4) Sidste Camping Inden Malmö (SITSD pt. 2)
5) El Toro The Twisting Tortellini
6) Very Wurst
"Test Drive II" CD-R

Soviet Subliminal Seduction finally put out the long awaited "Test Drive II" CD-R in January '04. It contains 4 tracks of deliciously distorting laptop rock - electronica inspired by 60-70ies psychedelia, kraut rock and hmm...stuff. Catchy hammond (plug-in) melodies, massive bass lines, skewed funky drums and one of the wildest rock sounds generated by software are the weaponery in Soviet Subliminal Seduction's uncompromising war on the slick laptop electronica sound of today. A one-man rock band with no instruments and nothing to loose!

Released January 2004
Track list:

1) Chunky Eels > MP3
2) Sam Sells Smell
3) Hand Held Hell > MP3
4) Impotennis (Outro)
"Noisejihad" compilation CD - DELETED!

The Noisejihad compilation CD which contained tracks by Ultimate Combat Noise, Soviet Subliminal Seduction & Wäldchengarten was released on May 15th '03 in 500 copies, and given away for free in Denmark to promote noise/experimental as genres, in this incomprehesivenly musically illitterate country.

Released May 2003

Track list:

Ultimate Combat Noise:
1) For Those About To Make Noise
2) A Fistfull Of Noise
3) Unarmed And Dangerous
4) Let There Be Kung Fu #2
5) Combat Noise Attack
6) One World One Love

Soviet Subliminal Seduction:
7) Phase Off The Earth
8) One Armed Snail Burger Factory


9) Cracked Open On A Short Range
10) Ill-mannered Rethorics
11) The Hunt.The Kill.The End.
"Beat Up Test Drive" CD-R - DELETED!

This one never really came out, before I decided the quality of the tracks was not able to meet any standards for a SSS release. The "still untitled" tracks weren't even really finished! Approximately 20 copies were sold before it was withdrawed.

Released August 2002

Track list:

1) Dansabel Grillkylling
2) Still Untitled 1 (early version of One Armed Snail Burger Factory)
3) Still Untitled 2 (early version of Hand Held Hell)

"Embrace The Boogie Blast Master" CD-R

The final release in the socalled noise-era of SSS. A new SSS track. A remix of the Swiss grindcore legends Fear Of God (also to be released by Tochnit Aleph (D) on a Fear Of God remix tribute cd). A remix of the French bedroom scientist Trackmark. A remix of selected SSS loops from the ancient SSS vs. KF live jam. The 3 tracks from the split 7" with Kummerlige Forhold. This is all there was left which seemed right to put out.

This has been re-released under the Pol Mod Pol name and new tracks have been added. Go to the Pol Mod Pol site for more info.

Released August 2002

Track list:

1) Hawiian Introduction
2) Note The Moose > MP3
3) Kys Bjørnen > MP3
4) Hvor Er Min Elephant
5) Rider På Giraffer
6) Fear Of God Remix
7) Trackmark: Djtalintox (edit)

Soviet Subliminal Seduction / Kummerlige Forhold split 7" + reference CD-R - DELETED!

One of Europe's best Harsh Noise units split sides with SSS. Off the wall harsh noise meets true breakbeat noise. Tweaks, funky loops, scratch, beep, brrrzzzx counterparted by the massive, loud bbrrrummblings of KF. On transparent vinyl and only 100 copies pressed. "I strongly recommend you not to miss out on this one" - Fever Pitch #5. The Soviet Subliminal Seduction noise era at it's peak!

Released November 2001
Track list:

SSS side:
1) Kys Bjørnen > MP3
2) Hvor Er Min Elephant
3) Rider På Giraffer

KF side:
1) Den Yderste Dag
2) Told & Skat
3) Ildslukker
4) Koldbrand
"Loops" CD-R - DELETED!

A conceptual release where each section of loops is a track, thus giving you a multitude of possibilities for playing back this work by using the shuffle/random or program functions on your cd player.

Released November 2001
Track list:

19 loops. No track list.
"Once upon a time" CD-R - DELETED!

Reissue of the debut tape "...og sprot" + 4 unreleased early SSS tracks + a live jam with Kummerlige Forhold.

Released November 2001

Track list:

1) Jagter Rollerbladers i Min Gummiged > MP3
2) Spiser Folk Der Går Med Bøllehat Til Morgenmad
3) Showing Off...
4) Get Your Lame Ass Friends And Go OD
5) Lassie Er Lavet Af Asbest
6) Beatbokser
7) Kriminel Vingummi
8) 909 Nekrofili
9) Osten Er Løs/Pacman vs. John Travolta
10) SSS vs. Kummerlige Forhold live jam
"Tapes Have More Personality" compilation tape - DELETED!

Some people just won't give in to new technological advances and stupid trends like CD and CD-R. I can't say that I quite agree, but SSS was put on this comp. anyway since Björn from Scrotum thought that this noise cut up thing I had going was a riot. This release was limited to 21 copies handnumbered and the one I got was no. 19. Hmmm. It came complete with xerox on transparent on pink paper cover, a nice little booklet and fragments of a smashed CD.

Released by Scrotum Records (Germany) 2001
Track list:

No complete track list until I find the tape! I scanned the cover and then I don't really know what happened...

SSS: 2 Ton Pulse MenASS
+ other bands and other tracks etc.
"...og sprot" c12 tape - DELETED!

The daring debut tape where it all began for real. Dissapointment in Atari Teenage Riot and the harsh noise scene in general spawned this off the wall onslaught. 5 tracks that cut the cheese. Boogie woogie harsh noise cut up like you ain't never heard! Funky, twisted, many harsh noise efforts gets that tag?! SPICE UP YOUR RIOT!!!

Released January 2000
Track list:

Side A:
1) Jagter Rollerbladers i Min Gummiged
2) Spiser Folk Der Går Med Bøllehat Til Morgenmad

Side B:
3) Showing Off Stunning Tap-dancing Techniques In Golf Shoes On The Balls Of Every Single Fucking Dance Producer Breathing On The Face Of This Fucking Planet
4) Get Your Lame Ass Friends And Go OD
5) Lassie Er Lavet Af Asbest
Marquis Konspirator: "...rider mod Vest" CD-R - DELETED!

Marquis Konspirator was my first solo project that changed genre an number of times, mostly due to creativity crises. It started as a harsh noise project in '97 and went on to deep ambient. In the end it turned into computer rock-ish stuff that draws a clear line to Soviet Sublminal Seduction's current sound. The Marquis Konspirator project was dropped in '00 due to a heavy creativity crisis. Hmmm. This CD-R contained my 3 first computerrock tracks ever, and was the last CD-R to be released under the Marquis Konspirator name. After this CD-R my expectations to the new Marquis Konspirator tracks skyrocketed, and I guess that's what killed it...Never the less there's some pretty rocking stuff on this one.

Released 1999
Track list:

2) Mokka & Kuchen
3) Möghund


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