Soviet Subliminal Seduction
Test Drive II
(cd-r, Gå Over For Rødt Rækkårds, 2004)

Mikko Jensen has with the project Soviet Subliminal Seduction challanged his listeners with a storm of schizophrenic, diverse, and not least surprising musical attacks, over the past years. he Through heaps of concerts and self produced cd-rs he has cunningly jumped from one genre to another consistently: From harsh noise over naive electro-noise-electronica to something that could suit the term krautronica. The latter becomes audible here.
Test Drive II consists of four extremely groovy and catchy tracks, that simply goes right into your feet. Mikko Jensen builds up each track around a maybe simple yet funky beat, to which is added an equivalent bassline and Hammond melodyline. Each track progresses according to this recepie with obvious references to groups like Neu! and Can's more repeative material. And like Mikko Jensen says himself: "Cut the talk and bring on the computer rock!". The catch of the concept is that the lengthy groovy tracks are drawn out, while not a whole lot happens musically. In that way the listener, despite the immediate catchyness, is forced to concider when even the most groovy beat runs idle, and moves the focus of the music from the feet to the head.

Test Drive II is by far the most catchy Soviet Subliminal Seduction yet has presented to the world.
On the face of it, there aren't so many frills to this. Though the music speaks for it self, and you'd have to be exceptionally straitlaced if Test Drive II doesen't at least get you to tap your toe, it doesen't mean that you can't use it for some brain exercise too.

Reviewed by Morten Bruhn / Published at 17th of March 2004. View original review here.

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