Soviet Subliminal Seduction
Fuck Electronica?!
(cd-r,, 2004)

Even though Wäldchengarten has attracted most of the attention so far, they're absolutely not the only project under the Noisejihad umbrella that makes notable music. Also Mikko Jensen who works under the names Pol Mod Pol and Soviet Subliminal Seduction brings remarkable ideas to the market in a steady flow. Not least on the 6 track cd-r Fuck Electronica?!, where he presents the once so noise orientated project as a "one-man rock band with no instruments and nothing to loose". A statement that absolutely holds a good deal of truth, as the entire sound universe and dynamics of this release says "rock", even though it is electronically generated. Besides, the 6 tracks pound away like they've seen into the eyes of both the Devil and the Grim Reaper, and doesen't give way to anything anymore.

In a way you can characterize the sound on Fuck Electronica?!, that develops the idiom from the cd-r ep Test Drive II that came out earlier this year, as "krautrock with a mean streak". The motor rhythmics of the lengthy tracks, that clocks in at a little more than 45 minutes in total, brings disiplined drummers like Can's Jaki Liebezeit and Neu!'s Klaus Dinger to mind, just as the synthetic guitarwork at times has a spacy psychedelic ring to it, that suggests the same era. Not least the opener "Impotennis", where arabesque organ and guitar patterns twist in and out of eachother like a kaleidoscope. Generally the sound has a pretty hard edge that reflects Jensen's background in hard core bands like Ond i Sulet, I-kast and Married to a Murderer. The drums pound forward with a punch that was unknown to the German orchestras of the 1970ies, and the at times almost metallic guitar arrangements that let the motives twist and turn like snakes in a pit, would have given even the wildman of krautrock Michael Rother a nightmare. Rather than freeways and powerplants, it is run-down slum and bomb sites Fuck Electronica?! conjures up before your inner eye, despite absurd titles like ”Sweden is the Same Difference” and ”Very Wurst”. That kind of stuff has it's own beauty as has this release, that not only gives the finger to the nice and polite electronica, that often is created on the same equipment, but also could learn the currently remaining post rock bands a trick or two.

It's true that the sound on Fuck Electronica?! seems a bit rigid and digital at times, but the ideas are good and the concept original. For the same reason you can safely let yourself seduce and purchase this fine cd-r, that guaranteed is the most surprising you will hear this year in this country.

Reviewed by Steffen B. Pedersen / Published in Geiger #10 September 2004. View original review here.

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