Soviet Subliminal Seduction
Fuck Electronica?!
(cd-r,, 2004)

After a series of often brilliant cd-r releases, in the more noisy and cut up department, Soviet Subliminal Seduction - aka. Mikko Jensen who since the beginning has been an important person in the innercircle of Noisejihad - came out as a closet krautrocker, and it actually suited him.
Without loosing his absurd sense of humor (just check out a title like "Impotennis"), he created a dark and droning form of digital psychedelic rock, that both sounded authentically raw, and exploited the laptop's possibilities of creating dead on motorics to the max. From this came a release that gave the ever so sterile postrock, as well as the most nerdy electronica, a well desevered slap in the face, while showing it's very own and unexpected way forward.

Posted 1st of March 2005 at along with 50 other top albums of 2004. View original article here.

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